About MDG Boston

We are a volunteer run, nonprofit corporation serving the medtech ecosystem for over 20 years.

Our Story

The Medical Development Group was established in 2001 as a 501c6 nonprofit corporation by four professionals in the medical device industry who sought to create a network of contacts and specialized resources for more effectively advancing their medical device projects. In 2013, MDG became ‘MDG Boston’ to highlight its direct connection with Boston’s world leading ecosystem of life science research and medical technology development.

Boston is the home of globally-recognized academic institutions, hospitals, medical device companies, and biotech/pharma R&D facilities. In addition, there are many technology-focused, philanthropically-endowed institutes. Boston area life science organizations continue to create extraordinary advances in healthcare outcomes and through MDG Boston, we share these advances with you and our global audience.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

We promote and nurture an ecosystem that accelerates medical technology development by innovators and entrepreneurs to advance healthcare outcomes.

Our Vision:

We champion Boston as a World-Class Center for Medical Research, Breakthrough MedTech Innovation, Product Development and Healthcare Delivery.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the design of events. Our sponsors also recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Boston is the Birthplace of Many Medical Advances

Boston basic and clinical research institutions have a long history of advancing medicine in many areas to improve healthcare, including:

• Genesis of anesthesia
• Development of infant formula
• Cardiac surgery
• Advances in cardiology
• Polio virus culture
• Organ transplant
• Immunosuppression
• Limb reattachment
• First cancer gene
• T cell role in immune system

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What People Are Saying

“MDG is where I go to keep up to date with innovation in the medical device industry. It's also where I go to connect with those driving that innovation.”

Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen
Healthcare Sales Engineer | Definitive Healthcare

“I love attending MDG's forums and networking after. Being strongly medical device focused, MDG has helped me keep up with technological advances and build my network as well.”

Urvi Kanakaraj
Urvi Kanakaraj
Software Quality Engineer | PathAI

“MDG brings together a diverse group of professionals with a common interest in advancing medical technology. As an entrepreneur, I have been able to connect with experts in all facets of medical development.”

Paul Hartung
Paul Hartung
Board Director & Strategy Advisor | MedTech Companies

"The recent kickoff event was one of the best and most insightful forums dealing with startup founding, investor relations, boards and product & business development strategies I have attended. It was comprehensive at a high level with a number of key principles shared."

Mark Ettlinger
Mark Ettlinger
Founder & President | AnyThingMed, Co-Founder | MDG Boston

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MDG Boston Culture

MDG Boston brings together a driven group of individuals who share a passion for advancing medical technology. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, actively seeking contributions from people of all backgrounds and ethnicities so we may learn what they have to teach us.