Thank you for participating in an MDG Boston online event.  Regardless of your previous experience, we provide all our online speakers with a list of best practices to ensure that our events are polished and professional.

Below are three sections. Please review them all.

  • Speaking on Zoom Webinar
  • Event Logistics
  • Best Practices for Professional Online Meetings

Zoom Webinar

You may have been on more Zoom Meetings than you would like to admit, but we use Zoom Webinar, which is a little different.  Think of Zoom Webinar like a live panel on an actual stage in a real auditorium:

  • Speakers are “backstage”, muted and invisible to the audience until the producer brings them on and off stage throughout the event.
  • People “backstage” can use the chat function to chat with each other without the audience seeing the discussion.
  • The audience is not seen or heard throughout the webinar.
  • During the Q&A portion of the event, the producer will move you on and off stage to ensure a lively discussion.

You will need to do a few key things yourself when it is time to speak:

  • Check that your own mic and video are on so the audience can hear and see you.
  • Share your own screen to show your slides (if you have them).
  • The producer can turn off your mic, video and slides if needed.

Event Logistics

  •  Links
    • You will be receiving individualized links for Zoom Webinar. Do not use the attendee link.
      • This link is just for you and allows you to join us backstage. Do not share this link.
      • If you need a link for someone else to attend, please let us know.
  • Agenda
    • For a typical MDG Webinar, speakers join Zoom Webinar (with your custom link) 30min before the start of the event.
      • This allows time for camera, mic, lighting and slide checks backstage before the event starts.
      • We typically run a separate networking event in Zoom Meeting at the same time which you DO NOT ATTEND.
    • When the event starts, an MDG representative will introduce the event and pass the meeting over to the champion or moderator (depending on the plan), to start the content portion of the event.
    • At the end of the Webinar, we typically ask the speakers to join a live networking session using a new  Zoom Meeting link. You will be provided with this link during the webinar.
  • Q&As
    • We ask attendees to use the Q&A function to submit questions, which will be answered at the appropriate time (Usually at the end)
    • The moderator will review the questions and ask them to the appropriate panelists.
    • Except in certain specific situations, please refrain from typing answers into the Q&A function as this does not allow all attendees the opportunity to hear the answers.
  • Recordings
    • MDG typically records these sessions for posting on the website following the event. Please let the team know if you have concerns.
    • The live content will be transcribed during the session to provide improved access by those with alternate auditory needs.

– Start time minus 30 minutes: Backstage tech prep (use custom Zoom Webinar link)

– Typically 60-90minutes: Live Event (Zoom Webinar)

– Typically 30minutes: Post event networking (Zoom Meeting link provided during webinar)

Best Practices for Professional Online Meetings

  • Lighting
    • Avoid sitting with a window or bright light behind you as it will cause a glare.
    • Use natural light when possible, but if not, use a light behind or slightly to the side of your camera.
    • Consider the time of day you are presenting as the light conditions in the evening may be much different than mid-day.
  • Camera Placement
    • Try to position your camera at eye level to improve the viewing angle. Use a riser or books to raise your computer if needed.
    • If you have multiple monitors, check the position of your camera so you can look directly at the lens during the presentation and not to the side.
  • Attire
    • Dress professionally, avoiding small patterns or stripes which can cause visual distortion and be distracting to the audience.