MDG Boston Launches a New Job Openings Page

MDG Boston has been in a mode of continual improvement since the launch of online forums and our new website.  We are always looking for new and better ways to provide benefits to our community of members, attendees and sponsors.  This January, MDG Boston launched a new option to assist members in the advancement of their careers in the medical device industry through a Jobs Openings Page.  All current Premium Plus and Premium Sponsors have the opportunity to post job openings at their organizations. Also, volunteer positions at MDG Boston will be posted on this page.

MDG Boston feels that this focused set of job openings is a significant benefit in our current environment where many individuals are seeking employment in the MedTech industry.  Additionally, growth in the field has created a demand for the highly qualified applicants who are a part of the MDG Boston community.

MDG Boston is excited to continue supporting our members and community in professional growth now and into the future.