This guidance provides an overview and a checklist of tasks for the design and execution of a MDG Boston Event, whether it is in-person, online, or a hybrid. Our goal is to fully support your event idea and its planning for the execution of an informative, exciting experience for our attendees and, ideally, a high quality recording for sharing with others via our website.

MDG Boston has extensive experience creating both in-person and online events. We understand the steps and effort required for a successful event and we seek to cover most of the logistic burdens for our volunteer event organizers, so that they can focus on topic development, speaker recruitment, and coordinating the content of panelist presentations. We take care of the rest.

As we have done for hundreds of event organizers over the past 20+ years, we are here to help make the process as smooth and efficient as possible for you. And we thank you in advance for helping us accomplish our mission of sharing and promoting entrepreneurial experience and knowledge within the medical device industry.

MDG Boston provides extensive logistic support

  • Experienced MDG Boston event organizers (‘champions’) are available to assist at all steps, including helping fill out panels via our deep connections within the medtech professional community
  • Help craft a compelling title and abstract, edit the bios, and find a visually engaging graphic for ‘branding’ the event
  • Prepare and send regular promotional eblasts to our ~9,000 person list
  • Provide materials for promotion on LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Create a registration page, manage the list, and print badges (in-person events)
  • Produce online events in Zoom, including training or guidance for speakers to ensure a professional interaction with your invited guests and a smooth participant experience
  • Distribution of Zoom links and login/technical support for participants
  • For in-person events, help identify venues and assist with all onsite logistics
  • For recordings, handle post-production, website posting, and eblasting of the recording link to all registrants
  • After an event, provide a full report of registration and attendance numbers, as well registrant responses to ‘why interested’ plus their geographical locations

Typical structure of MDG Boston events

  • Topics can cover any aspect of the medical device industry; these include: IP/contracts, raising money, C-suite leadership experiences, M&A strategy, emerging technologies such as AI, robotics, and cybersecurity and so on, as well as public policy, reimbursement, manufacturing, supply chains, etc. Our audience wants to know what is going on in medtech, what is ‘hot’, what to anticipate, etc.
  • 3-4 Panelists plus a Moderator
  • 15-20 minute presentations plus Q&A = ~1 hour
  • Individual presentations or round table format both work well
  • Presentations should not be sales talks, overly technical, or academic. Rather, panelists should ‘tell a story’ of where the idea/technology began, its status, hurdles encountered, and how commercialization is expected to be achieved – with the goal of helping others gain useful, insightful entrepreneurial knowledge.
  • Online events usually have an optional preceding 30′ networking session in Zoom Meeting, which is kept open for the entire event. When it is time for the Forum presentations, we have everyone switch to Zoom Webinar. Once the presentations plus Q&A are completed, attendees are encouraged to rejoin our Zoom Meeting networking to meet and make connections with the panelists
  • For some smaller online events, such as noontime ones, we often only use Zoom Meeting
  • Overall, we are very flexible in structuring our events