Eric Walters, longtime volunteer and friend, passes away

ERIC G. WALTERS: 1952 – 2022
On behalf of the MDG Boston Board of Directors, it is with a very heavy heart that we announce the unexpected passing of Eric Walters, our longtime Volunteer, Treasurer and Board Member.

Eric was devoted to his family and a critical person in so many parts of his life including his company, ONEighty C Technologies Corporation, of which he was CEO, various volunteer organizations and lastly, MDG Boston.

Over the past two years, Eric played a major role in helping lead MDG Boston’s evolution. The initiatives he sparked involved our overall organizational strategy of implementing position responsibility for individual board members, rewriting our Articles of Incorporation to accommodate our new structure, and editing our Bylaws. Eric was passionate in his commitment to MDG Boston’s continued success and the role MDG plays in advancing medical technology to improve the lives of people around the globe.

Much of MDG Boston’s continued success moving forward can be attributed to Eric’s work in helping us establish our vision and laying a strong foundation for which we can build upon.

A detailed obituary can be found in the Boston Globe. Donations can be made through this link to honor his legacy at Special Olympics Massachusetts or mailed to Special Olympics Massachusetts 512 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752 ()

Some individuals that knew him well had this to say:

  • “Eric is the best example of uncompromising dedication, assertive goal setting, and generous and caring fellowship I have experienced in all my years of volunteering for professional organizations. It is a big loss for all of us who had the blessing of his friendship. I will miss him dearly.”
  • “Left are the memories of a generous, kind and loyal friend.”
  • “I can only hope that Eric’s friends and loved one’s will find solace in the good memories and the love he shared with them.”
  • “He was a very smart accountant with a dry sense of humor, and a talent for getting along with people.”
  • “Big loss for everyone.  He seems to have contributed much everywhere he went.  Hopefully it will be some comfort to his loved ones that he was so appreciated for what he did while he was here.”
  • “This is a very great and sad loss.  Eric was one of the most effective and easy people to work with – always perceptive and never critical without an alternative suggestion.  He was creative and constructive and a pleasure to have on the board.”

Our thoughts are with Eric’s family during this difficult time. He will be sorely missed.