Benefits of Sponsoring Medical Development Group

The Medical Development Group ("MDG") is a Medical Device and Technology educational and networking organization consisting of 450+ dues paying members and a 1800+ email list with whom we communicate 4 times per month and hosting more than 30 Forums, Networking, Educational Series, and "Special Interest Group" events annually.

MDG's Mission is to contribute to the continuing development of medical devices and other medical technologies by enhancing the professional development of its members, fostering and supporting entrepreneurial thinking, serving as a forum for exploration of new business opportunities, and promoting best practices in enterprise management.

MDG pursues this mission through the organization of educational programs and forums; the facilitation of cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration; the creation of venues for networking and information sharing for current and aspiring professionals, clinicians, and entrepreneurs; and the development of alliances with complementary organizations.

The MDG Forum is held ten months of the year on a variety of topics related to the medical device industry, typically structured with a moderator and panelists. Monthly attendance is 100 - 120 people.

The Networking Meetings are held every month to encourage members to network among each other. Sponsors may be invited to be the speaker on a topic of interest to the membership. Monthly attendance is 40 – 70 people.

Educational Series Sponsored Events are targeted programs of interest with an educational theme co-produced by MDG and our Educational Series Sponsors (generally 1 – 3 events per year per Sponsor).

MDG Sponsorship Programs

Level I – General MDG Sponsorship - $1,500

  • One Annual membership with one admission to each MDG event
  • 15 second PP presentation sequenced on video projector prior to meeting start
  • Hand out collateral materials on your company at each event
  • Company name and logo on all print communication and e-mail announcements
  • Company name, logo and link on following MDG web pages: Home, Announcements, Registration and Sponsors (certain pages sequenced among other sponsors)
  • Job Posting Priority Page

Level II – Premium Level MDG Sponsorship - $2,500

  • All the benefits of Level I
  • One additional guest admission to all events ($500 value)
  • Prominent placement and display of Logo on most web site pages most of the time (static, not sequenced)
  • Limited to a maximum of two direct competitors at this level

Sponsor a Mini-Series Educational Program

Educational Series Sponsorship

The Elements of this Educational Series include:

  • A 1, 2, or 3 - customized events (e.g. a mini-series), focused educational program(s) of particular interest to the membership
  • Sponsors will be recognized as the authority, or leadership position, in a particular subject area through their association with that series
  • A sponsor may host at their facilities or elsewhere
  • This event will be co-produced by the MDG Educational Program Committee
  • Sponsor will provide food/catering, or reimburse its cost if held at another location
  • MDG Membership and guests will pay normal Forum event registration fees

Educational Series Sponsorship - $5,000

  • All the benefits of a Level II sponsor plus:
  • Two memberships and admissions to all events (approx. $1,000 value)
  • Recognition as Key Educational Sponsor at each event  Prominent placement on all communications
  • Job posting Priority position
  • Exclusive Sponsor in your competitive field
  • Sponsor an additional educational series in the same year @ $2,500

For more information or any questions concerning our sponsorship programs contact:

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