Renew Your MDG Membership

Is your MDG membership about to lapse?

MDG membership runs for one year from the date you sign up or renew – watch your email for a personalized renewal notice 30 days before your expiration date.

Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur, investor, or just someone looking to expand your professional network, MedDev Group has something to offer you. Won't you take a moment to log in to the MDG members-only area and renew, so you can continue your connection with New England's premier organization for individual professionals in the medical device and related fields?

To renew, log in here.

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, fill in your username and click the “Forgot your password” button.
  • If your membership has already expired but you know your username and password, log in anyway – you’ll be taken to a form where you can refresh your member profile information, and then pay your renewal.

Once you've logged in, simply click the "Pay Dues Now" link (in the navigation bar, near the top of the page), make sure the form is filled out correctly, click the <Submit> button, and fill in the credit card information. Of course, you can pay by check if you prefer; the form gives the address where you can send it.


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