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MEDS (Medical Electronic Device Solutions) is a must-read publication for the Medical Device Developers. Our vision is to cooperate with leading medical device manufacturers and community groups to educate and promote the best practices to help medical device manufacturers to develop and produce the best medical products. We would help facilitate the building of the medical eco-systems / communities worldwide.

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Making Medical Technology More Human

Program Description
New technologies frequently promise improved effectiveness, performance and outcome, but are often burdened with increased complexity, cost and stress. This month's panel will explore how bottom-up and top-down initiatives are changing the way practitioners and patients experience healthcare.


Growth Strategy I - Acquisitions & Partnerships

Program Description
In this first of a 3-part Breakfast Series, we will be addressing challenges and opportunities of mid-market MedTech companies to achieve profitable growth.
The discussions will include how and why to make an acquisition or enter a partnership agreement. The topic will be approached from different points of view provided by the experts and will look at the "Business of Doing Business".
This holistic approach will include the Technical as well as the Human Capital side in the dialogue.

Devices and Combination Products for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Program Description
This MDG Forum will focus on the resources of active med device and life sciences entrepreneurs, clinical and R&D organizations addressing businesses that can make a difference for neurodegenerative diseases such as - ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and others.


Connecting Medical Products to the Internet of Things (IOT)

Program Description
IOT (Internet of Things) is a machine to machine technology that is forecast to be one of the major change agents in reducing the cost of health care for: hospitals and physician offices; home health care; medical device and life sciences companies and insurance carriers. 

MDG (Medical Development Group) in conjunction with experts from the medical device, life sciences, clinical and technology areas will explore this important topic in this symposium.  Our keynote speaker will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges in addressing IOT for medical device and life companies.   



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