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MEDS (Medical Electronic Device Solutions) is a must-read publication for the Medical Device Developers. Our vision is to cooperate with leading medical device manufacturers and community groups to educate and promote the best practices to help medical device manufacturers to develop and produce the best medical products. We would help facilitate the building of the medical eco-systems / communities worldwide.

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At Constant Contact Headquarters, Waltham MA

Bringing Bionics to Life

Program Description
Bionics is an active electro/mechanical subset of medical devices that replace biologic function.  Bionics has already transformed ability and redefined normal for many people effected by illness, injury, deformity or aging.  For decades to come, bionics will:

  • Expand in the variety of systems they replace,
  • Improve in the functional ability they provide, and
  • Be welcomed by healthcare systems due to their justified cost efficacy.

All innovations experience unique business challenges.  Bionic challenges include:

  • High expectations for those in need,
  • Costs an order of magnitude higher than existing alternatives, and
  • Medical channels that may be unprepared for step changes in innovation.

This evening’s speakers will share the learnings from successes and failures of such challenges within three business aspects of bionics:

  • Sales and support of the mature sensory bionic ear market
  • Product development of the early commercial motor bionic market
  • Funding dynamics of new orphan bionic markets

Who Should Attend

The presentation will be relevant to people who use, clinicians who prescribe, academics who study, businesspeople who innovate, and advocates who promote bionics.  Examples of bionic products will either be used by this evening’s presenters, or brought to the meeting for exploration. 



[Re-scheduled from August 6]

Transitioning Into and Within The Medical Device Industry

Program Description
Have you thought about entering the medical device industry? Are you now working in the industry and have considered moving to another company—or using your skills in an entirely new area? The medical device industry is ripe with opportunities for people who want to help bring new medical products to market. It is a diverse industry that develops and manufactures devices to diagnose or treat the spectrum of diseases and afflictions. Companies range in size from small start-ups to large corporations.

Join us for an inspiring evening to discuss transitions: both into and within this exciting industry. Our panel of industry veterans will talk about their varied experiences with transitions and provide insights to help you in your career. This session is designed for those looking to enter the medical device industry as well as medical device veterans. Historically, this is the most well-attended MDG networking event of the year, so register early.

Be prepared for an interactive session and excellent networking opportunities.



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